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About Me

I am a mother with a background in the visual arts, I have been sharing my love of Printmaking and Painting with my kids, Making art doesn't have to be a hard process. Art-making helps kids with their emotional connections, motor skills and creative problem-solving.

Painting Instruction:

• Taught children to hold a paintbrush freely and use a variety of brushes and strokes
• Introduced different papers and how to prepare/use them - tables, easels, or taped down
• Instructed how to blend colours and paint shapes using a different techniques (wet-wet, wet-dry, crayons & colour, salt on watercolour)
• Took children into nature to paint the environment around them - brought in special techniques for awareness when children are effected by nature such as raindrops
• Prepared rooms and tables for the class and made sure of all supplies and possible extra resources we might use
• Showed children how their own feelings and thoughts come into their paintings
• Incorporated stories, movies, poems, songs, other art or paintings to generate creativity
• Used musical instruments and classical music to help children paint
• Also taught painting on sidewalks, stones, shells, windows
• Encourage children to discover new texture in their own painting from the environment
• Displayed children's work, printed it, framed it to acknowledge each child and
their work


• Took time to get to know each child and their strengths to develop trust and create openness
• Encouraged learning between students and from each other so they can learn new styles and develop understanding
• Worked with each child to develop their own painting book from cut-outs, drawings, paintings and photos as well as attached items such as leaves, fabrics or papers
• Made relationships with parents, answered their questions and gave feedback about their child
• Professional with all other staff, departments and co-workers, help out wherever needed


Group painting Exhibition, cultural Embassy ivory Coast , Tehran , Iran, 2015
Solo Painting Exhibition, West End Community Centre, Vancouver, Bc
Group Painting Exhibition, Mahe Mehr Art Gallery ,2018

Training and Education

Graduate Course of Fine Art, University of Tehran Markaz, Iran
Modern Painting Course, Private Artists , Iran ,2015
Karim Nasr & Yaeghob Ammameh Pich
Bachelor of Science university of Tehran ,2008-2012